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  • Latest blog posts:

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  • Upcoming event:

-Cityline TV-

I am so excited to announce I will be at Cityline TV on September 2nd! Thanks to Dave Lackie!! I will be attending a taping of the show, featuring “Fashion Friday” and Dave’s Beauty Segment.  This taping will take place on September 2nd, but it will be airing on Citytv September 9th.  Keep an eye on my social media as I will be tweeting live during the event.  You can be a part of all the fun on #citylinebeauty.

Photo: Taken from Dave’s site and post.

  • Inspiration:

Scrolling online the other day I found this simple yet beautiful photo of one of my favourite quotes.  Something about the simplicity makes it peaceful, and so I leave you with one of my favourite quotes by Rumi.


  • Brands i’ve worked with:

Bella Aura Skincare

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Coppertone Sunscreen


  • Brand events i’ve attended (thanks to Dave Lackie):

Thierry Mugler


Cityline (Toronto)

Estée Lauder