Opal Frame: reviewing the colours and angles of beauty.

Welcome to my beauty blog, my name is Chantal!

I am the creator and content producer for Opal Frame.  I am a beauty blogger and public relations+ communications professional.  I have a diploma in public relations and a bachelors degree in communications.  Opal Frame came about through my passion for PR, communications, social media, makeup and beauty in general.

Opal Frame was designed with beauty in mind.  Opal because it has varying shades of colours, as do our beauty products and fashion.  Frame because these products such as makeup and clothing frame our faces and bodies, and ultimately frame who we are, as they are an expression of our individuality.  This is what inspired me to create Opal Frame, a place where I can share my honest thoughts on anything beauty.

If you would like to contact me you can reach me by sending an e-mail to: opalframe@gmail.com


Opal Frame

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