Anastasia Beverly Hills- Brow Wiz Review

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Happy Monday lovelies! So I know i’m a little late to the brow game when it comes to talking about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz however, I had the same brow routine for a long time with powder and I didn’t venture away from that.  But lately I have been wanting a different brow look, something more natural and I have found my holy grail brow pencil ABH Brow Wiz!!


This brow pencil is the PERFECT size.  I love how small it is, this gives you a lot of control and really creates hair-like strokes.  You can see below how thin the pencil is and the nice spooley it comes with on the other end.

The FORMULA, oh my god.  I am in love with how the formula is sorta waxy yet it is also blendable before it sets, and on top of this has great pigmentation.  When I use this it is so easy to create small hair-like texture and I can blend it in with the spooley brush on the other end or wipe it away quick if I make an error before it sets.  Then once it sets it stays put a lot better than the powder I was previously using from another brand.

Did you know this pencil is also formulated with Vitamin E?  I was looking up the ingredients on the Sephora website and it says Vitamin E is in the formula to help skin fight damage caused by the environment- interesting!

Here is a closer look at both ends of the pencil:

I think the fact that this pencil is so small and its wax-texture are what make it so great.  I can really see now that I have been using this why it is so popular and an award-winning product.  The Brow Wiz comes in 10 different shades and costs C$27.00 at Sephora, you can shop the product by clicking here.

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