Charmed- Aroma Candle Review

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If you have Facebook or Instagram you have probably seen the Charmed Aroma Candle videos all up in your newsfeed.  If you have or haven’t, you may be wondering what the hype is about?  Here’s a hint: If you like candles and sparkle- you will love these.  These candles do come in great scents, but they also come with a special surprise.  As your candle burns you uncover a piece of tinfoil that contains a Charmed RING!


My Mom purchased two candles, one for herself and one for me as a surprise.  She ordered one Vanilla Crepe and one Sweet Pea Valley scent.  We both really liked the rings we received so we decided to order again, both choosing Vanilla Crepe this time.  We love the Vanilla Crepe scent, however, the Sweet Pea Valley was not as good in our opinion, it was a much stronger scent (everyone has different taste though!)

Pictured below on the left you can see the foil starting to show after about 7.5 hours of burning.  Pictured on the right is the foil showing through a little more after about 9 hours of burning:










I think I could have waited for the candle to burn a little longer before taking the foil out, but I was too eager and as soon as I saw it I had to remove it!  I used a pair of old tweezers to remove it, which I suggest doing if you do not want to spend time cleaning them off after, because the wax gets all over them.

Pictured below is the removal from the candle:

Once I removed it, I unwrapped it with the tweezers:

The ring is wrapped in a small plastic bag with a tag attached to it.  This tag has your ring code, which you can plug into the appraisal calculator on the Charmed website to find out the dollar value of your ring:










Pictured below is all four rings we received. Left side are my Mom’s and right side are mine:

Here is a closer look:











The appraisal calculator told me my rings were worth $30.00 and $50.00.  If you have purchased a candle already, but did not know about the appraisal calculator, you can find it here.

I think overall the idea of this product is really neat and fun!  I was very excited as I waited for my candle to burn, so I could uncover what my ring looked like.  The only downfall to this is that you risk getting a ring that does not fit.  Luckily my Mom and I received rings that were pretty good in size for us.  Some girls I know received rings that were way too big or too small for them.  The Charmed website states rings are between sizes 6-8, although my ring size is smaller than this and the rings fit me not too bad.  I think these candles make for a great gift idea for your friends and family!  Each candle with shipping was approximately C$30.00.  If you order more than $100.00 worth, shipping is free.  You can order them here.  If you have a ring from a Charmed Aroma Candle, or order one after reading this post, tweet me a photo! @chantalseguin

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