Dr. Tosoni Medical Aesthetics Review

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I’m back again today as promised with more on Dr. Tosoni! As always I let you know when I am working with someone and I have to say I am SO happy to be working with Dr. Tosoni. I posted recently about her and Latisse and if you haven’t seen that yet you can click here to read the introductory post.  I will also post updates on my Latisse progress so make sure you check back and follow me on Instagram. I will leave my info and Dr. Tosoni’s at the bottom of this post.  In today’s post i’ll be chatting about my Botox experience with her and i’ll also give you an inside look at her clinic.

Her clinic is right in the heart of the ByWard Market on Clarence St and it’s such a nice spot.  Her clinic is EXTREMELY clean and everything in there is so tidy. I am a bit of a neat freak so one of the things I look for when getting any type of service anywhere is the overall presentation of the location as I think it says a lot about what you can expect.  Her office is clean, crisp and very modern.  There aren’t things dragging or anything out in the open.  I will include some photos below for you:

Pretty cute space isn’t it??

To give you some additional background on Dr. Tosoni, she completed her Medical Degree at McMaster University.  Following this she did her post-graduate medical residency in Family Medicine through the University of Ottawa.  She is very well educated and has 18 years of experience in the field.  On top of all this she has been recognized on a national level for 5 years in a row (2014-2015-2016-2017-2018) with the Double Diamond Award from the Allergan Privilege Program (Allergan is the maker of Botox).  This award is given in recognition of her ongoing commitment to patient care in medical aesthetics. She is one the of the few physicians in the country (and the only physician in Ottawa) to have achieved this status. This means that she has more advanced training, more knowledge, greater skills, and has injected more Botox Cosmetic patients than the clear majority of physicians in Canada. She is considered by the industry to be in the top 1% of all physician injectors. She may also be reaching her Triple Diamond status and will find out in January! WOW!

We chatted about Botox in my initial consultation as well as the day of my injections and here is some information she gave me that i’d like to pass along to you:

  • What is Botox? According to Dr. Tosoni “Botox or OnabotulinumtoxinA or botulinum toxin A is a purified protein. It has been extracted from a naturally occuring bacteria, Clostridium botulinum.  After this process an active protein is left which reduces the ability for the muscles in which it is specifically injected into to contract without causing the illness Botulism. Botox is also classified as a neurotoxin. That is because it’s actions affect the neuromuscular junction. It is also an Acetylcholine blocker. This is how it affects the neuromuscular junction, by blocking the action of Acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for enabling the muscles to contract.”
  • Is Botox safe? What has it been used for? “Botox is safe and is used in patients as young as 2 years old who require muscular tension relief to help them with their spasticity associated with cerebral palsy. Botox was first introduced as a medication and used both in Opthalmology to help with strabismus mainly I think (again to help with muscular issues) and Neurology as a muscular tension relief medication. Because it is an acetylcholine blocker, it is now used in many systems that are part of the cholinergic systems. We now use it to block the sweat glands from producing sweat, it is used in urology to help with irritable bladder issues and prostate issues I think too. In general surgery, to help with anal fissures, in neurology for migraines, etc. It is only since 2000 that we are using it in Cosmetic Medicine, but it has been used in medical medicine for much longer then that.”
  • Dr. Tosoni only uses Botox at her clinic.  In case you didn’t know there are other variations such as Dysport and Xeomin. Some people don’t realize that Botox is an actual product and not the name of a procedure. So when getting injections it’s always good to clarify which product you are getting.
  • Botox is made in only one place and it supplies the entire world. How cool is that? Botox is made in Westport, Ireland and Dr. Tosoni has actually visited the facility. You have to be careful when getting your injections and inquire about where the product came from, because real name brand Botox only comes from Westport, Ireland.

I personally think that it’s also extremely important to make sure you are getting your injections from a licensed professional and someone you trust. Upon meeting Dr. Tosoni I knew if I decided to get any injections that it would be with her. I felt so comfortable talking to her and she provided me with so much information and answered all of my questions without rushing me.  She also has plenty of before and after photos on her Instagram, website and at the office, and I was able to see first-hand how amazing her work is. I know that I trust her and felt like I was in good hands because when she was doing the injections I wasn’t even nervous or overthinking.

It’s also important to find an injector who has the same philosophy as you do. Dr. Tosoni believes in natural results and is very conservative with her dosing.  She loves how Botox can smooth the skin but she also believes that one should keep some facial expressions.  Her approach with me was to inject a small amount (I had 28 units total) and that we would see how I do with that. She said she can add more Botox if needed, but that she can’t take it away once it’s injected. I love her philosophy and approach and I was in full agreement. I had “baby botox” done which basically means a smaller amount of Botox units injected.

Upon meeting Dr. Tosoni the first time in my consultation we discussed different things which I talk about in my last post, and we had come to the conclusion that Botox was the best treatment option for me. Another really nice thing I found was that Dr. Tosoni did not pressure me into getting any treatment.  To be honest from some experiences i’ve had or that friends and other bloggers have had i’ve heard that often there is a feeling of pressure to get something done. However, with Dr. Tosoni it was the exact opposite of this! She made her recommendations and told me she could do it then during the appointment if I felt comfortable and that is what I wanted, or she also told me I could go home and think about it and call back if I decided I wanted to go through with treatment.  She continued to say if I had any other questions to call and that there was also information on her website.  I honestly can’t tell you enough how kind she is and the fact that she didn’t try to pressure me into getting treatment as I mentioned before shows how committed she is to the well-being of her patients.

I had decided to take some time to think about it and then I phoned a few days later to make my appointment. On my scheduled appointment day I had 28 units total injected which was mainly into my forehead because that is where my lines were really forming, and she also put a small drop in my crows feet and my brows to do a brow lift.  I have hooded eyes so she was very careful with the placement of her injections to ensure my brows wouldn’t drop. I was also excited to do the brow lift because it could help with my hooded lids. She said results vary per person but that it could raise 1-2mm.  She also uses a 31 gauge needle for her injections and this is a very fine needle, it’s used by diabetics to check their sugar and for insulin.

I will include some photos of the injection process below:

*Here she is explaining where she will be doing the injections. I am not frowning on purpose, this is just my face when i’m concentrated LOL*

*Dr. Tosoni putting the Botox units she needs into the syringes*

*Cleansing the areas*

*You have to frown and raise your brows so Dr. Tosoni can assess exactly where to inject*

*All done and you can barely even see where I was injected, just minor redness*

After she finished my injections I was like “Oh? We’re already done??” It literally didn’t hurt at all. Dr. Tosoni also says that if your Botox treatment hurts that you are in the wrong hands and it should never hurt. It took maybe 5 minutes because I was chatting with her at the same time, but it was extremely quick and pain-free. I only had minor redness at the injection sites and that was gone within 20 minutes, and I did not get any bruising or swelling!! Another thing I really appreciated  was she talked to me during the process and told me what area she was injecting. So I felt so comfortable knowing exactly what was going on.

Dr. Tosoni offers a follow-up with her patients two weeks after the injections took place.  It takes about 10-14 days for full Botox results to show, so it’s not like filler where you see the results immediately. I am so happy with how it turned out! I have the natural look that I wanted 🙂  I was always worried about Botox because you see photos online, horror stories or celebrities who get way too much and it can look scary. However, in reality what it comes down to is the product being used (a real product and not a knock-off) as well as the skill and aesthetic artistry of the injector. I know Botox can be a controversial topic, but I wanted to post about my experience because it has been nothing but positive with her.

One of my biggest insecurities is my hooded eyelids. I am not saying that hooded eyes are not beautiful as many women who have them are, but I personally don’t like mine.  When I was in my early 20’s I can remember gradually seeing my eye shape change and I went from having visible lid space to having hooded lids. It’s a struggle to wear makeup and there are certain things like winged liner and transferring of product onto the lid that just annoy you day to day. Sometimes depending on how much sleep I got or if I am sick and have swollen eyes, I can even see the skin on my lash line in my vision field.  I am not saying Botox is a cure for hooded eyes, but the brow lift that Dr. Tosoni performed did raise my eyebrows and with that the skin has lifted off of my lash line. As I mentioned above she told me the brow lift has the potential to be 1-2mm in space and for me it has made all of the difference because my hooded lids no longer rest on my lash line.  To some of you this may seem silly but it has boosted my confidence so much and I am so happy with how it turned out.

I am also super happy with my results because even though I am only 27, I was noticing some deep wrinkles starting to form on my forehead. When my face was at rest (meaning not making any expression) the lines were still there. I think maybe it has to do with the fact that I am very petite and so is my face, so I don’t have a lot of fat in my face and i’ve found because of that wrinkles were forming faster (in my opinion).  Dr. Tosoni gave me the exact results I was hoping for, a natural look where I can still make facial expressions, but the lines I had have smoothed out and I look much fresher.

As I said in my last post I am so thrilled to have met her because she is genuinely such a beautiful person inside and out.  She is kind and listens to you and provides you with information and isn’t trying to take advantage of you.  She really is concerned with the well-being of her patients and it’s so refreshing.  I have met a lot of people in the beauty industry since I started my blog, and I have to say Dr. Tosoni is someone who really touched my heart with her kindness and her authenticity.  I have never recommended a doctor before on my blog, but I am doing so today because meeting her was so refreshing and I can assure you she is the best of the best.  You can trust her and know that you will be so well taken care of. I won’t trust anyone else to inject my face. I really hope she isn’t planning on retiring any time soon lol!

After my 14 days I can say that I love the results and I had my follow-up with Dr. Tosoni. Everything has gone extremely well and I couldn’t be happier! In case you didn’t know, Botox is not permanent and treatments are usually needed again around every 3 or 3.5  or 4 months- it depends on the person and things like your metabolism. So on the other hand if you do get Botox and decide it’s not for you there is comfort in knowing it is not permanent and you will just have to wait a few months for it to go away. If you are interested in Botox you can contact Dr. Tosoni’s office or visit her website for information on pricing. I can’t quote you a price as it varies per person and the amount of units needed.

Dr. Tosoni also offers a wide range of services at her clinic:

  • Injectables (Botox, dermal fillers, Belkyra)
  • Laser treatments
  • Microneedling
  • Coolsculpting
  • Peels

Visit her website by clicking here. Follow her on Instagram to read some very educational posts and see some great before and after shots:


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