Esqido Lashes- Mink Falsies Review

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FALSIES HOLY GRAIL ALERT! I am in absolute LOVE with these Esqido lashes.  I’m so excited to be writing this review and having the opportunity to tell you all about them.  Especially for my fellow hooded eye beauties, you need these in your life.  To start off I’d like to thank Esqido for collaborating with me and sending me a pair of their gorgeous lashes for review.


Esqido Mink Lashes are handcrafted from the softest and finest naturally shed mink hairs.  The band is lightweight and made of cotton so these falsies are easy to apply and very comfortable to wear all day long. These are hands down the best false eyelashes I have ever tried, not only because they are easy to put on and comfortable to wear, but also because they look very natural (as in they mimic real eyelashes very well).

If you are new to falsies or you aren’t sure what style pair would best suit your eyes, Esqido has got you covered!  Click here to access their short quiz that asks you some questions like the shape and size of your eyes, if the falsies are for a specific occasion or every day wear etc.  This quiz is awesome as it selects 3 of the best Esqido styles to suit your needs.  I completed this quiz and for my small, hooded eyes it was suggested I try the Silhouette style.  The Silhouette style is a lighter version of the very popular BFF style.  It gives a natural and soft fluttery effect, yet also elegant and playful with the slight criss-cross pattern.  They are medium in length and a three out of five on the volume thickness scale.

Silhouette Lashes

Can we please just start off by appreciating the cute packaging?  I am obsessed with rose gold and the case they come in is absolutely adorable.  I believe the top piece is magnetic because it clips down very well when you shut the case, which is great because is keeps dust and anything else from getting on your lashes.  You can store them away in this cute case and not have to worry about them getting damaged or falling out of the case if you put these in your makeup bag or suitcase.

The lashes are the perfect shade, they appear to me to be carbon black.  I was also really impressed with how well the colour is distributed.  I have purchased strip false eyelashes and individual false eyelashes from other brands before, and sometimes the colour isn’t as dark on the entire lash, but with these Esqido lashes the colour stays true throughout.

Here is an up close photo of the lashes:

The Silhouette style retails for $29.00 USD, but let me tell you they are worth every penny.  Another plus is that if you follow the proper care instructions they come with (which are super simple to follow) you can get up to 25 uses with your pair of lashes, so they last a lot longer than synthetic lashes.  I have been following the care instructions which is to only use oil-free makeup remover on the band and to keep water off of them and they are lasting so well, so I am sure I will get the 25 uses out of this pair.  Seeing as these lashes are made of naturally shed mink hair, they possess almost the same curl holding qualities as real human lashes, so you can curl these falsies with your eyelash curler as well!

Companion Eyelash Glue

Esqido also makes their very own eyelash glue called Companion Eyelash Glue which retails for $10.00 USD.  This glue is latex-free and because of its ingredients it is gentle on the lashes and therefore helps you maximize the amount of uses you get out of your pair.  Click here to read up on it.

The wand has a fine brush so it really makes application easy because it holds just the right amount of product.  The glue is white so if you are starting out with false eyelashes this is a big plus because you can see exactly where you have applied it on the false lash band.  I apply a thin layer of glue to the lash band and wait about 10 seconds for the glue to go tacky before applying the false lash to my own natural lashes/lash line.  The glue is so easy to work with and it dries clear, but if you put too much and you can see a bit of the build up once it dries, I suggest going over it with a liquid eyeliner or black shadow to hide it.

You really only need a thin layer of glue for all day hold.  I even wore these to a beauty event in Toronto so I had done my makeup early in the morning and was at the event until late at night (so roughly 12 hours or so) and my lashes were still on perfectly.  One of my FAVOURITE things about this glue is how easy it is to remove.  I normally get very frustrated with eyelash glue because certain brands’ glue leave residue or it stays stuck in my lashes for days.  All I needed was a bit of oil-free makeup remover and the Companion Eyelash Glue came off so easily without leaving any residue or texture behind on my eyelids or in my lash line.

Product try-on shots:

Here are some photos of me without the lashes on, with one lash on and both on.  On this particular day one of my eyelids decided to not be hooded (Grrr the struggle of having hooded eyes) but I am happy this happened because now you can see how nice they look even if you’re having an uneven eyelid day or if you have hooded lids.

No falsies:

Silhouette false  eyelash on one eye:

Silhouette false eyelashes on both eyes:

Side angle view with Silhouette false eyelashes on:

I am seriously SO impressed with these products.  I give the falsies and the glue a solid 10 out of 10.  I just can’t get over how natural they look and how long lasting the glue hold is.  I have small, hooded eyes so working with falsies can be extremely tricky.  Those of you who have hooded eyes know how everything from eyeshadow to liquid liner application has to be done in a specific fashion so that it does not accentuate the hood of the eyes.  The Silhouette falsies the Esqido quiz recommended were spot on with what would suit my eye shape, because it helps you find the perfect pair of lashes for you.   It’s so great because it makes the selection process that much easier, and it also ensures you get the most flattering results.  Huge thank you to Esqido and I strongly suggest you try out some of their lashes if you haven’t already!!  You can shop all of their styles by clicking here.

Have you tried Esqido lashes?  What is your favourite style?

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