G.M. Collin- Lip Plumping Complex Review

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Ladies, sticky lip gloss days are over!! I’m working with Dr. Tosoni on this post to bring you a closer look at the G.M. Collin Lip Plumping Complex. I am so excited to be talking about this product today because it’s a plumping gloss formula that also hydrates! I mean it doesn’t get any better than this.

The packaging on this is gorgeous 🙂

The G.M Collin lip plumping complex was designed to add moisture to the lips and plump them. The formula contains collagen and hyaluronic acid.

I have the shade Rosé, but it also comes in a clear shade.

The formula is lightly scented and so nice to apply. It goes on so smooth because it has an EXTREMELY silky and light texture. You are supposed to use this at least 3 times per day for optimal results. My favourite thing is how it doesn’t feel super sticky on the lips, it’s so easy to rub your lips together and they feel so hydrated.

I know a common “issue” with lip plumpers is the formula burning the lips, I can assure you this one does not do that! I have tried other lip plumpers in the past and my lips went bright red from the irritation or it just burned and felt really uncomfortable. With the G.M. Collin Lip Plumping Complex you only experience a SLIGHT warming sensation. It’s not painful and doesn’t irritate the skin. It does the exact opposite of this because you end up with really nicely hydrated lips. I will include some photos below without the product, with the product and the final result.

BEFORE- No product on lips
Lip Plumping Complex applied (I’m in LOVE with the colour)
AFTER- 10 minutes after application

You can see in my after photo the “lines” in my lips are more filled in from the hydration the product provides, and overall they look more plump. This is my favourite aspect of the product, how it keeps my lips hydrated all day long and doesn’t dry them out. It’s winter here in Canada and my lips got so dry a week ago I was so annoyed. I am very religious with applying my chapstick so I was frustrated my lips got to this point. However, after using the G.M. Lip Plumping Complex I noticed a HUGE difference in the hydration of my lips.

This is my favourite photo because you can really see the beautiful shine and colours the Rosé shade has!

My final thoughts are that this is a must-have for your winter bag and year-round. Dr. Tosoni is obsessed with this product as well and she sells it at her clinic here in Ottawa. The Rosé shade is C$39.00 and the clear shade is C$38.00.

Available at Dr. Tosoni’s clinic in the ByWard Market!

I also offer a closer look at Dr. Tosoni’s clinic and a review on her services, you can read it by clicking here. I highly suggest you go see her for your medical aesthetics services or skincare needs, she is amazing and so kind! If you’re curious to see her work check out her Instagram tagged below! Xo


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