Guerlain- VIP Dave Lackie Dinner Event

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Happy Saturday beauties!  So excited to be bringing you this recap of the Dave Lackie VIP Dinner for Guerlain #GuerlainLover I got to attend last week.  First of all I am still in shock I got to attend this event for one of the most iconic brands, I am seriously still in the “someone pinch me” state!  The venue was absolutely GORGEOUS, I have been to the Arcadian Court before, but this time it was absolutely magical.  Dave, his team and Guerlain really did an amazing job and this venue was beautifully decorated.  Upon arrival I could see the Guerlain products on display and the ambiance of the room was so mesmerizing I fell in love instantly.



How beautiful is this dinner table set up? Absolutely stunning!

We were served hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, these were so good and SUPER cute!  This cocktail was grapefruit, vodka and a petunia flower.

On display throughout the entire venue were so many Guerlain products.  I love the simplicity of their packaging and how chic everything of theirs looks.  Here is a peek at what was on display:

Guerlain Products

Météorites is one of my all time favourite products!!


Butter Lettuce & Brebiac Salad- Dressed eggplant, fennel , olive dusted brioche, roasted garlic & chive vinaigrette:

Marjoram Scented Chicken Suprême- Young spinach, new potatoes, grilled zucchini & fennel, lemon & basil concassé & mustard chardonnay jus:

O&B Artisan Pecan Pie- Honey bourbon glaze & bee pollen, cinnamon gelato:

Side note, this was hands-down the BEST pecan pie I have ever had in my life- Wow!

Interviews and Guests of Honour

Not only were we treated to a really nice dinner, but we also had two special guests in attendance!  Sandrine Briatte, Vice President of Marketing, Guerlain Canada, and Maxime Poulin, Guerlain International Beauty Artist (one of my FAV makeup artists).

Sandrine Briatte, Vice President of Marketing, Guerlain Canada

Dave interviewed Sandrine and she was very inspirational.  She spoke about her marketing career with Guerlain and I felt so inspired.  Being a public relations and communications professional myself, the job Sandrine has would be a dream job of mine, so getting to hear directly from her was such a treat.

She said she started her career with Guerlain in Paris and when Dave asked her how she got in with Guerlain she said it was basically luck.  She was a student in China and was looking for a job there but couldn’t find anything, so she started looking for a job in Paris and got an interview at the Guerlain office.  She said the woman who hired her chose her because she had been to Shanghai in the past, so they had this in common.  Sandrine started her career in commercial/business in Paris, then moved into merchandising in travel where she worked in Miami, then moved her way up to marketing here in Canada in Montreal.  She says she is so proud to be a part of Guerlain, she noted there is a lot of passion behind every product, and that they are the oldest beauty startup in the industry, Guerlain is celebrating 190 years next year- Wow!

Dave also shared with us that the Arcadian Court (the venue we were at) was fashioned after the great palaces of Europe (on a smaller scale).  He shared that because of the shapes/architecture of the room and the arches that there are certain areas below where you can whisper on one end and hear all the way across the room because of the acoustics (this was designed this way for the orchestras and bands).  He also told us all through Europe the royal families and people of society would attend galas like this and would be wearing their Guerlain.  Those who were wealthy enough or of prestige would have a fragrance made for them.  Guerlain would make fragrances for royalty and the first perfume Guerlain created for someone was for the wife of Napoleon in 1853, and this fragrance is still available in their catalogue and you can purchase it to this day, they will be relaunching it at the Bay with a new bottle design.

When Dave asked Sandrine what advice she would give to those seeking a career in the industry her response was great.  She said “Determination, passion and honesty.”  She said don’t try to get a career in beauty because your friends or people you know work in it, do it because you want to do it and know sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you will fail and it’s part of the job. “Beauty means judgement, so be ready to hear everything. Stay yourself, know who you are and you will succeed.  Because at the end of the day you have to be passionate and you will succeed for sure.” says Sandrine.

Merci beaucoup, Sandrine! For sharing your story with us and giving us some great tips!

Maxime Poulin, Guerlain International Beauty Artist

Ok first of all I still can’t believe I got to meet Maxime in person.  I have been following him on Instagram for the last year and he is one of my favourite makeup artists.  Maxime had a makeup station set up where he was applying some bronzer and lipstick to those of us in attendance.  Here he is in action:

Dave and Sandrine shared with us that Maxime was handpicked personally by Olivier Échaudemaison, Creative Director for makeup with Guerlain.  Maxime worked side by side with Olivier in Paris for 5 years and learned all of his skills, secrets and techniques.

I got to chat with Maxime and he is beyond talented, he is such a great makeup artist.  We chatted about the KissKiss lipsticks and also got talking about eye makeup and hooded eyes.  I have hooded eyes so naturally this came up (because it’s all I talk about LOL) seeing as this is the one thing I find very difficult to work with when doing my makeup.  Maxime laughed with me as I expressed how exciting it was to chat with someone who knows what hooded eyes are, as many other people I mention this to don’t have a clue as to what I am talking about when I say hooded eyes haha.  His knowledge of the products is so fascinating and he really pays attention to detail.  He shared with me which shades from the KissKiss lipstick collection would look best with my skintone and undertones etc.  He also told me the lipsticks in this collection have different effects.  The gold packaging ones have a matte finish, the white packaging ones are more of a hydrating lip balm/tint colour and the black packaging ones are your classic cream lipstick (and these add moisture because there is jojoba oil in this one).  Maxime is not only extremely talented, but he was an absolute joy to chat with.  He was so kind and I feel so lucky I got to talk to him about makeup!!  Merci beaucoup, Maxime for spending that time with me!!

This completes my recap of this event! We were all so lucky to receive this experience, and to top it off we were sent home with an incredibly generous gift bag.  Here is a photo of the products I received:

I have been LOVING these over the last week, so stay tuned on my blog for an in-depth review on these products in the next few weeks.

I am so grateful to Dave for this invite to this special event!  Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity, Dave!  You can find him on social media, but I also strongly suggest you check out his editorial digital magazine BEAUTY the guide.  Also, a big thank you to Guerlain for this amazing treat and generous gift bag, and a thank you to Sandrine and Maxime for spending the evening with us and sharing your stories and experiences!

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