1. Fantastic post Chantal! I too am grateful for the chance to experience Dave’s events and for all the friendships that have blossomed from them. He’s such a beautiful soul ❤

  2. Liz

    What an awesome post and interview Chantal!!! Dave truly is one of a kind and has introduced me to some lovely people and is so generous with his events and giveaways!!!

  3. September Dee

    Well done Chantal! I have been so fortunate to attend events where I have learned many new things over the past year and have met great, down to earth people who are passionate about looking and feeling their best thanks to wonderful skin care and beauty products. I like to share what I learn with others and put into practice the many tips and tricks I’ve acquired from the experts in the beauty industry. Dave has changed my life too! I’m forever grateful to have met him and experience his events.

  4. Gonny Aarts

    Hi Chantal…
    What a privilege to interview Dave. So nice to Learn more about him.
    He seems such a kind and relaxed man… with lost of ENERGY. He is so enthusiast!

    I am a follower from the Netherlands.
    Like to read About the Beauty Brand faunders. And love All New Beauty items/products.

    Enjoy your beautyblogging!


  5. Thank you for sharing this lovely interview with Dave. He truly is one of a kind and I am always amazed at how generous and down-to-earth he is! I owe him the courage and push to start my blog! Enjoyed reading this, very well written!!

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