Jason Wu- Fragrance for her VIP Dave Lackie Dinner Event

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I am beyond thrilled that I get to write a recap of Dave Lackie’s VIP dinner for Jason Wu and the launch of his first fragrance for her.  I was so lucky to get invited to attend at Canoe Restaurant et Bar in Toronto this past Monday and I am still in the “Someone pinch me” state.  I was in awe with the spectacular view as we were on the 54th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Centre.  Upon arriving I could see the CN Tower directly in view from the window where I was standing, and there were gorgeous displays of flowers and Jason Wu’s fragrance bottles surrounding them.  The packaging for this fragrance is beyond beautiful.  A gorgeous thick glass with a gold circular top and the fragrance itself is a light pink almost rose gold colour- I fell in love instantly.



The venue was gorgeous I just could not get enough.  Here are some photos I took of the displays and the setup:

I got to spend the evening with some of my favourite blogging girls Cat, Dayana, Nicci and Urmi– check out their blogs, they are all so sweet.


The dinner was fantastic and Dave introduced us to the Chef who made sure these dishes paired beautifully with the fragrance itself.

Green Bean and Mandarin Salad- Wild ginger, pickled onion, almond oat crumble and sweet pea hazelnut vinaigrette:

Heritage Chicken- Tamarack Farm’s vegetables, bergamot jus vin and hen’s egg gribiche:

Niagara Stone Fruits and Berries- White chocolate, pink peppercorn chantilly:

Meeting Jason and Interview

Not only were we treated to an amazing dinner, but we also got to meet Jason and take a photo with him- Someone pinch me!! Here I am with Jason:

We also got to see Dave interview him and he spoke about the fragrance and all of the work that went into it and how passionate he is about it.  You can truly see how much this launch means to Jason.  He was very kind and humble in regard to his success, and it was refreshing to see someone truly care about their project (fragrance in this case) instead of just putting their name on something, it was clear Jason put his heart and soul into this.  Pictured here is Dave interviewing Jason:

Jason told Dave how this is not a product to him, it is a labour of love.  He explained how he really poured himself into this and it is a project that has his signature all over it.  He mentioned how there is an equivalent to 1,000 jasmine flowers per bottle (which upon smelling the fragrance jasmine was the first note I picked up on).  The fragrance family is fresh floral woody 
key notes: Jasmine Sambac, Pink Pepper, Fig, Iris, Sensual Woods.  Dave mentions in his article about Jason’s career that the circular gold top (which I absolutely love on the bottle) mimics the handle of his new handbags.  He also mentions how there is always one floral print in his fashion lines, and Jason touched on this as well in his in-person interview with Dave at the event.   I love when designers and beauty companies have those signatures, and I think what Jason has chosen to do is beautifully done.

Jason also mentioned how so much thought went into every single detail even regarding the packaging.  “…It is one of the thickest forms of glass you will ever see on a fragrance, because we wanted this to be like a wall all equal in thickness, and that’s really a very very refined way of blowing glass.  And one of the details that most people will not notice but I have to tell you, with most glass bottles there are mold lines on the bottom, and they are swirly lines and that is when they pull the glass out… and here it is completely flat because we have shaved it afterwards and then re-fired and polished the bottom.” says Jason.  He goes on to say for him to feel it was perfect that those lines had to be removed, so that it looks like a real crisp, clear crystal.  Dave asked him how many versions he went through before deciding on this one to which he replies 30 versions, and he laughs when he recounts wearing different versions every day and testing them out on himself and his female interns and employees.  Jason also gave us a little preview by saying fashion week is coming up in September and that his show/collection will be inspired by this process (referring to the fragrance) he says because he has spent the last little while working on this, that it only seemed natural to draw inspiration from it for his collection.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Dave Lackie for inviting me to this event.

Dave and his team are so amazing and I can’t say thank you enough for the invite to this very special evening.  I had such a great time and it is something I will truly never forget.  You can find Dave on social media, but I also strongly suggest you check out his editorial digital magazine BEAUTY the guide I find so much inspiration from his posts and content.  BEAUTY the guide is how I keep up with the hot trends in beauty!

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