Jed North- Women’s Workout Clothing Review

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Hi beauties, hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am feeling extra motivated this week when it comes to working out because I received some new workout pieces. It always gives you that little extra pep in your step when you get a new pair of leggings or a top to workout in.  Today’s review is on Jed North and if you haven’t heard of them I suggest you check out their Instagram right now!  Thank you so much Jed North for sending me these cute leggings and crop top. Now let’s get into the review!

I LOVE JED NORTH- Just had to get that out of the way! Haha. I was sent this outfit, but you know that I always give you my honest opinion and only review things I truly love.

Flora Seamless Leggings in Black Camo

I have been wanting a pair of camo leggings for a while now, but I was worried about getting a pair that were too flashy.  When I received the Flora Seamless- Black Camo Leggings I noticed the print on these was perfect for me as it’s camo pattern but it’s subtle.  I received these in size X-Small/Small and the second I put these on I was so impressed. They are so soft and stretchy, yet the fit is very form fitting and yes- they make your booty look good.  I was really happy with the band on the waist as well as it isn’t too tight, it doesn’t cut you off and give you a weird roll like some other brands leggings can do, it’s very flattering and hugs the waist nicely. My favourite part about these leggings is how easy they are to move in. Doing leg day was a breeze as I had so much mobility and was not constricted by the material whatsoever.  They are also squat-proof (meaning they aren’t see-through when squatting) and I was able to get a deep stretch in these. In case you’re wondering the material is as follows: 18% Nylon, 74% Polyester, 8% Spandex.  Also, if you prefer a camo legging that is more obvious they also offer this legging in Gray Camo, click here to view it. You can shop this pair by clicking here, they retail for C$51.00.

Rhythm Fitted Long Sleeve Crop Top in Black

Crop tops are my obsession, I have so many and I just can’t get enough. However, I did not have a long sleeve workout crop top and I can tell you I’m sure happy I do now! This was awesome to workout in. I got this in a size X-Small and it’s nice because the long sleeves keep me warm, but because it’s a crop top I am able to stay cool and not die of heat.  I have a long sleeve full length workout top from another brand, but the crop top long sleeve Jed North offers keeps me cool and it makes for a much more pleasant workout.  The colour of this top is called black, but to me it’s more on the grey side. I love how light the top is and how soft it is and how much mobility I have in it just like I do in the leggings. I was able to move around easily and do my weightlifting without being constricted.  The material for this one is made of 100% polyester and it retails for C$34.00, you can shop the top by clicking here. They also have it available in a blue, pink and light grey.

The other great thing about these pieces is that they are SO easy to care for. Both get washed in cold water  and you can hang them to dry. Jed North also carries men’s workout clothing as well, click here to view it. I can’t thank Jed North enough for sending me these pieces, they are really wonderful and I am so happy to have these in my collection. I will definitely order a second pair of leggings and another top as I am so impressed with the quality of their pieces. Stay tuned for another review on Jed North soon! xo

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