Marc Anthony- Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner Review

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Hello beauties, hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Today I am bringing you a special review, as it’s not often I review hair care products.  I have hair on the fine and flat side so it’s not the best to work with.  When it comes to conditioner I am EXTREMELY and I mean EXXXTTTTRREEEEEMMMMEEEELLLLYYYY picky haha.  If you have hair like me and you need a great conditioner I am happy to report the Marc Anthony Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner is amazing.

The Grow Long line was designed to do just that, keep your hair healthy so that it can be strong and grow long.  The packaging states that it “promotes longer, stronger, healthier-looking hair…  This strengthening formula will help you to achieve those perfect lengths…Free from Sulfates, SLS, Parabens, Phthalates.”  What really intrigued me were some of the ingredients found in this: Caffeine, Ginseng, and Vitamin E formula. This is supposed to make sure your hair retain moisture throughout the day, help with detangling and also help with split-ends and breakage.  I found these claims to be very true! I have been using this for a month now and my hair is much softer and my split-ends aren’t as noticeable.

For me the reason I am so picky with conditioner is because my fine hair looks greasy when I use some conditioners, or because it leaves a weird residue.  I had never really dabbled in the leave-in conditioner world, however, I decided to try this one because it smelled really good and I love a lot of other Marc Anthony products.  I can tell you that a little of this goes a long way and what I do is spray it into my hands and apply it to the ends of my hair.  When I dry my hair or leave it air dry my ends are left looking soft and they aren’t greasy.  Just to further test this, I decided to apply more than I normally would to see what happens, and when I did that my hair did look a bit greasy (even though it was freshly-washed).  So I suggest if you have fine hair to spray it in your hands and only apply a little where you need it!

I picked this up at Walmart here in Canada for C$10.97 and I am pretty impressed with it. You can check out this product and others from the line by clicking here. It smells great and really gets the job done.  My hair feels and looks so much softer, I really can’t believe it! As far as the “Grow-Long” claims, I don’t feel I have been using it long enough yet to report on whether or not it has helped my hair to grow, but stay tuned and I will update this blog post in a few months regarding that. Have you tried anything from the Grow-Long line? What is your favourite Marc Anthony hair care product?

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