Mikasa Beauty- Makeup Brushes Review

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Hi lovelies! I am so excited to post this today and announce that I am an affiliate with Mikasa Beauty!  If you haven’t heard of them yet, they are a Canadian brand located in British Columbia.  When they reached out  to me I was so excited to test out some products and I really am blown away at the quality they provide. Stay tuned to the end of the post because I have a special 25% discount code for you if you’d like to purchase anything on their website.

I selected the E120 Small Flat Definer Brush and the E300 Blending Brush to test out.  First of all before I get into the quality of the brushes I NEED to mention the price.  These brushes are SO affordable. The E120 Small Flat Definer Brush is C$11.00 and the E300 Blending Brush is C$12.00.  The reason I decided to become an affiliate with this brand is because of their great prices and great quality of products.  I have been using both of these brushes and no joke they compare in quality to my MAC brushes however, the only difference is I paid significantly more for my MAC brushes. I also have a hard time finding eye brushes I really like because of my hooded eyes, but I am so happy I have these because they work great with regular lids or hooded lids. With Mikasa Beauty you are supporting a Canadian brand and you can shop for quality products at an affordable rate.

Here is a quick look at both brushes

The E120 Small Flat Definer Brush:

This C$11.00 brush is amazing for tightlining, and it is made with straight synthetic hair. I have hooded eyes so I always tightline with shadow or liner. This brush is so small and easy to fit into the roots of my lashes and filling the inner rim of my lash line has never been easier. The fact that it’s not too wide means it won’t get on your eyelid, so it’s really the perfect size and places the product evenly.

The E300 Blending Brush:

This C$12.00 blending brush is made with pure high grade natural goat hair. This is a medium size blending brush and it fits perfectly in the crease.  I like that it’s not too big because that way it keeps the product where I have placed it and it only blends out the harsh edges. Some blending brushes are too big and really diffuse the colour all over, but most of the time I want the colour to stay where I placed it and just have the outter edges blended and diffused, this brush helps you achieve that exact look.

Overall both of these brushes are fantastic, well priced and have very minimal shedding and wash very well. They are so easy to use and fit the contours of the eyes really well, even if you have hooded eyes like me! I am so happy I get to offer you a 25% discount code! You can use my code “CHANTAL25” on their website  www.mikasabeauty.com and it will get you 25% off anything, which means brushes, lashes, hair products, nail products and makeup.  Just a side note, they even sell Esqido lashes (one of my personal favs!) If you purchase anything with my discount code let me know below, i’d love to hear your thoughts!

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