Philosophy- Ultimate Miracle Worker Lip Fix Serum Stick Review

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Today i’m talking Philosophy again!  I have been loving their Purity pore extractor mask and Purity moisturizer, so I decided to test out another product of theirs.  This time I went for the Ultimate Miracle Worker Lip Fix Serum Stick– Wow that’s a mouthful, no pun intended haha!

According to the product description this is a four- in-one lip treatment that is supposed to “nourish, smooth and prep lips for a youthful look and feel.”  The product is supposed to fill in lines, moisturize and prime the lips for other product application.  It’s also supposed to add volume over time (14 days is the time-period given) and helps reduce the look of wrinkles around the lips.

The product comes in a solid form and you have to click the bottom button to push the product out of the packaging. It INSTANTLY dissolves into liquid form once it makes contact with your lips, I believe this is caused by the heat of the lip skin.

I have been using this product for 20 days and i’m pretty impressed! I originally purchased it hoping it would plump up the lips without that tingly and burning feeling some lip plumpers can give.  This product feels great on your lips and does not burn or tingle whatsoever.  It’s really smooth, nourishes the lips and keeps them hydrated and does help to reduce the appearance of lines.  I find it works much better at hydrating than any drugstore chapstick i’ve found in my opinion.  However, I didn’t find it plumped my lips a ton so I was a bit disappointed with that as that was my main reason for purchasing it.  I took some photos over the last 20 days to compare and see if there was change, so i’ll post these below:

Before using product:

After 7 days of using product:

After 20 days of using product:

Overall my impression from looking at the photos and my real life experience is that I do see a difference.  I’ve found my lips look more hydrated so the lines are less visible.  I also find since my lips are more hydrated the colour  appears a bit darker, I see more of a pink tint in my lips since using this product, and I think this is because my lip skin is “healthier”.  I do notice a bit of a difference in the plumpness of my lips in the top lip specifically, but nothing crazy.  My favourite thing i’ve noticed has been how my other lip products have applied since i’ve been using the Ultimate Miracle Worker Lip Fix Serum Stick.  My lipsticks and glosses apply so smoothly and I truly do see a difference in how they look on my lips, so I think this product does act great as a primer as well.

You can pick one up at Sephora for C$32.00, shop the product by clicking here. Have you tried the Ultimate Miracle Worker Lip Fix Serum Stick?

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