Rinaldo Hair Designers Review

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I’m back with another review of Rinaldo Hair Designers! I had such a good experience last weekend with my blow out that I decided to book an appointment to get a colour and cut done.

During this visit I had the pleasure of having Raeanne do my colour.  Emanuela who you would have seen featured in my last blog post did my cut and style. Both of these ladies are SO talented, I could not get over the attention to detail they both had.  It’s always fun to start things off with a before and finish with an after photo!



Raeanne told me that she did her hair school in Vancouver (so cool) and that she has been working at Rinaldo Hair Designers for 4 years.  We chatted about my hair type and I told her that I was hoping to do some balayage with ash blonde as my colour.  As you can see in my before photo I also had some previous balayage done at a different salon and some caramel highlights previously. So in my before photo you can really see that warmth and you can REALLY see my balayage lines. I liked the colour of my hair, but the oh so obvious lines I had from the last balayage elsewhere were starting to bug me a lot more as my hair grew out. Raeanne assured me she could fix up those lines and give me some nice ash blonde colour!

She worked her magic! I asked her what she was using and she said it was 20 volume in the back and that she would increase the volume as she got closer to the front so that it’s all done at the same time.

We let this process for 30 minutes then she washed it out and put a toner in my hair as well. The toner is what neutralized the warmth I had in my hair. After this was done it was time for my cut and style!

Cut and Style

As you can see in my before photo I did have a lot of length but my ends were pretty dead. My side bang also wasn’t married very well with the length of my hair and the front layers I had made my hair look thinner than it actually is. So Emanuela suggested to blend the front and back together and we also took some off the length cause it needed the refresher.  She used a feathering tool and her finger as a ledge. Pretty much like you would on a chopping block she came down in a swift motion and literally chopped it off- it was so cool. Then she used scissors on the few stray pieces.  Here is one side cut and the other not cut:

Now both sides done:

I love this technique and it really made a difference in how thick my ends look. You can even tell when it’s wet that my hair looks a bit thicker cut this way.

She styled it and it was so voluminous and she doesn’t even use product!!! She only used the Davines All In One Milk I mentioned in my last post, which is a heat protector, tames frizz, adds shine and detangles.

Now for the finished product!!!


I AM IN LOVE with this!!!! The colour is absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted. Raeanne also did a fantastic job at covering up the previous balayage lines I had.  Emanuela gave me the cut I have been wanting for so long. It’s difficult to manage hair that is on the fine side, and her technique blended all of my hair so well and it flows much better. I can’t thank them enough! They are so talented and I highly recommend you book your services at Rinaldo Hair Designers with them.

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Rinaldo Hair Designers


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