Saunders Farm- Fright Fest and Haunting Season 2018

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Happy Tuesday everyone! I had an awesome weekend, and that’s because I got to attend the Saunders Farm media event. I am so excited to announce I am an ambassador for them this Halloween season, and it couldn’t be a more perfect partnership for me!  I also have a special Halloween treat as I have a discount code for you to save 10% on your tickets! Saunders Farm is a family-owned and operated business and I love to support local businesses.

If you know me you know I LOVE Halloween. It’s my favourite day of the year and I have posted a lot of special FX makeup and nail art on my blog and Instagram in the past. I am thrilled to get to offer you the best deal you can get on Saunders Farm tickets! If you use my code “FF2650” and purchase tickets HERE you can get 10% off your ticket price!! This is valid for the daytime Haunting Season events as well as the nighttime Fright Fest events. But check back on my blog every week as the code changes weekly.

I had a blast this weekend at Saunders Farm and I ACTUALLY SCREAMED!! I have never screamed at a Halloween attraction in my entire life. I love going to these and I usually laugh my way through. However, this time I was scared and caught off guard by a certain witch. I won’t spoil it too much, but all I can say is I had my first real scream at Saunders Farm. The actors here are wonderful and they do not break character. I was so impressed with how well they did even when interacting with you, they remain creepy and haunting throughout the entire night.

There is also a great variety of farm fresh food to choose from like poutine, pogos, soups, chili, mac & cheese, fries, burgers and even some vegetarian and gluten-free options too. You can get alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and even Beavertails.  I think everything is set up very well this year in terms of the food being near the attractions. I also had to try a poutine while I was there, I mean how else would I review the food for you all? Hehe

I stopped at the gift shop on my way out and I was in awe of how pretty so many of the desserts were. I bought some fudge which was absolutely amazing and SO fresh.  Look at these candy apples, they are so cute:

Stay tuned for weekly content on Saunders Farm and my new discount code I will provide to you every week to purchase your tickets. Let me know if you purchase tickets and how you enjoyed the experience 🙂 Follow me on Instagram @chantal.seguin for lots of Halloween content and special FX makeup over the next few weeks!

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One thought on “Saunders Farm- Fright Fest and Haunting Season 2018

  • September 25, 2018 at 12:56 PM

    omg looks like so much fun! the Apples! YUMMY! Halloween is my favourite time of the year! Lovely blog post!


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