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Love, beauty, relationships and connections.  A few words that come to mind to describe the new Shiseido Share Beauty (#sharebeauty) campaign.  I was lucky enough to be chosen by Dave Lackie to attend this event, which focused on the new campaign launch.

Dave Lackie, Editor of BEAUTY the guide and Elaine Shigeishi, General Manager for Shiseido, hosted this event for 30 of Dave’s Twitter followers.  Shiseido is a beautiful brand inside and out.  This same beauty the company possesses, shines through in this new campaign.  Share Beauty was created to remind us that beauty starts from within.


Our event was in the evening at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto.  Before heading over there I decided to go over to Hudson’s Bay on Queen St. to check-out the Shiseido counter, and see the Share Beauty campaign in action!  Pictured below is the set-up at this location:

Here are a few photos I took at the venue.  What a spectacular view from the upstairs lounge where we were served cocktails:

Note: The blue at the bottom of the photo is a cover over a rooftop pool!!

After we had cocktails we were brought down to the screening room pictured below for the remainder of the event:

This campaign truly warms my heart.  Elaine and Dave gave us the exclusive story on how this all started.  Elaine shared that they wanted to do something to remind customers that they are beautiful, and that beauty starts from within.  She asked us to tell her what the word “beauty” meant to us.  A few answers that were given were: confidence, love, relationships, comfort and sharing.  Elaine pointed out how all of the examples we gave were qualities that come from within.  With this in mind, Share Beauty was created.  We were also fortunate enough to be the first to EVER see some Share Beauty footage.  We saw personal, real stories, shared by customers who spoke of those they loved, and why they were beautiful to them.  It was tear-worthy, so much so that kleenex was being passed around during the screening.

You have until April 20th to visit a Shiseido counter, where you can fill out a card with a personal message.  The card says “You are beautiful to me because…” and Shiseido will mail your card out with a product sample and there is NO purchase necessary.  How generous is this!?  This is not a campaign designed for the company to make sales, it is truly out of the goodness of their heart, and to spread awareness on such a touching subject.

Pictured below is the picnic style dinner that was served, we had quite a few options to choose from, here is my plate:

Pictured below are some products we learned about at the event, which we also received in our gift bag:

Pictured below are the products from my gift bag:

Left to right: Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation and Ibuki Quick Fix Mist.

I noticed that a lot of the conversations I was having with others around me at the event were all about people who inspire us, the people we love and the hardships some of us have faced.  I left this event feeling overjoyed.  I felt so grateful for all of the people in my life whom I love.  Campaigns such as these, really cause you to take a step back and analyze what is truly important and meaningful in life.  Beauty really does start from within, and beauty is not purely physical.  Makeup and beauty products can make you feel good on the outside, but having those meaningful relationships and characteristics on the inside are what creates the whole package and in turn make for a truly rewarding life.

I can’t thank Dave and Elaine enough for hosting such a heartfelt event.  This campaign gets a big thumbs up from myself, and I encourage you to visit a Shiseido counter before April 20th, to send a special someone a hand-written note and sample, to show you are thinking of them, and spread awareness on this inspiring campaign.

Lastly, here I am with Dave and Elaine:

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