LaCoupe- Revive & Repair Naturals Line Review

Hi beauties, coming at you today with some haircare! I was super excited to receive this LaCoupe Revive & Repair line which includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner from their Naturals collection. I have always loved one of LaCoupe’s hairsprays so I was super excited to try this line as I haven’t tried any of their shampoo and conditioners. I also recently added some bleach balayage to my hair and i’ve never had bleach in it before, so I have been experiencing some dry strands and so this couldn’t have come at a better time.¬† Thank you to Langton PR for sending this to me. Now let’s dive in to the review ūüôā

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Jed North- Women’s Workout Clothing Review

Hi beauties, hope everyone is having a great week so far! I am feeling extra motivated this week when it comes to working out because I received some new workout pieces. It always gives you that little extra pep in your step when you get a new pair of leggings or a top to workout in.¬† Today’s review is on Jed North and if you haven’t heard of them I suggest you check out their Instagram right now!¬† Thank you so much Jed North for sending me these cute leggings and crop top. Now let’s get into the review!

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Marc Anthony- Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner Review

Hello beauties, hope everyone is having a great week so far!¬† Today I am bringing you a special review, as it’s not often I review hair care products.¬† I have hair on the fine and flat side so it’s not the best to work with.¬† When it comes to conditioner I am EXTREMELY and I mean EXXXTTTTRREEEEEMMMMEEEELLLLYYYY picky haha.¬† If you have hair like me and you need a great conditioner I am happy to report the Marc Anthony Grow Long Leave-In Conditioner is amazing.

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Fitness Fit- Workout Apparel Review

Hi lovelies! So excited to be bringing you more of a fashion-style post today! I was sent this workout outfit by Fitness Fit and it is SO cute.

Fitness Fit is a brand based out of Los Angeles, and they take great pride in staying up on the latest trends, while ensuring their products are also affordable.  I can say after receiving this set that this is most definitely true! The piece is unique and trendy and it definitely is affordable.

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Clarins- Moisture-Rich Body Lotion Review

Good morning beauties, hope you had a great long weekend!¬† We had some nice sunny weather here in Ottawa and so it’s time to bust out the dresses and shorts.¬† In doing so one of the concerns is that winter dry skin, ew.¬† I was given the Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion at the Cityline Dave Lackie event in April and it’s absolutely awesome!

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Philosophy- Purity Made Simple Moisturizer Review

Last week I talked about the Philosophy Purity Pore Extractor Mask and how it has really helped diminish the appearance of my blackheads.¬† This week I’m reviewing the Purity Moisturizer as well because yeah the line is that good!


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Philosophy- Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask Review

With summer fast approaching I know I am looking to have clear skin and a healthy glow!  Philosophy has an amazing mask in their Purity line.  The Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask is a white clay exfoliating mask.


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MAMO Botanics- Oro De Cacay Facial Oil Review

With the change in season fast approaching I know I want to keep that summer glow and have lovely hydrated skin.¬† When the weather gets colder, a lot of us dread the dull/dry skin days ahead.¬† But what if I told you keeping your summer glow can be quite easy this year?¬† I’ve recently discovered Oro De Cacay facial oil by MAMO Botanics and I am loving the results!¬† I want to thank MAMO Botanics for sending me this product as it is truly great.


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5 Ways To Feel Beautiful Today…

As a beauty blogger I obviously post a lot about makeup and product reviews. ¬† These items are used on our¬†outside physical appearance and can give us a confidence boost, but I am a big advocate for feeling beautiful on the inside as well. ¬† In my daily routine I incorporate a lot of things that “feed my soul” and make me happy. ¬†Some of these are meditation, drinking tea and lots of water, waking up early and making it a point to enjoy the little things. ¬†We often get stressed out and feel down because of life’s everyday stress. ¬†It’s not easy and the days go by quick between work, running around, family and friends etc. ¬†Here are some tips i’d like to share that help me feel beautiful and happy on the inside, which in turn boosts my confidence and makes me feel beautiful on the outside. ¬†Being happy on the inside projects itself outwardly, and this creates a very rewarding life!

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1. Morning tea ritual

Every single day I look forward to having my morning tea. ¬†Whether I have it before I go to work or when I get to work, this is something that makes me happy. ¬†Tea is a great drink because it¬†has a lot of health benefits, but the main reason I like doing this is also because of the “act”. ¬†By this I mean it is part of my morning “ritual” and you can use these as a form of meditation. ¬†For me boiling the water, putting the tea leaves in my steeper and then drinking my tea is an act of meditation. ¬†I look forward to this, and¬†doing this means I am bringing mindfulness into my routine.

2. Talk to someone you love

This may seem like an “obvious” one, but when I say talk I mean either in person or over the phone. ¬†With texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. we tend to get caught up in this virtual world. ¬†While these social media outlets are great to connect with others, they can also bog you down. ¬†I would suggest seeing a friend, family member or significant other in person and having a nice conversation. ¬†If you can’t see them in person then avoid the texting for a day and actually give them a call. ¬†Hearing someone’s voice and the warmth you get from talking to someone you care about goes a long way, and it eliminates the disconnect texting can cause because it gives you that personal touch.

3. Put something positive out on display

I am a big believer in meditation and the law of attraction. ¬†My bedroom is a space I have set up with Buddha’s, incense, salt lamps and my own meditation corner. ¬†You can ¬†set up an entire room,¬†a little corner or even just have one thing out on display. ¬†Whatever it may be, make sure it brings you joy when you look at it. ¬†For example, I have a meditation corner set up in my room and a vision board up on my wall. ¬†My vision board is a collage of things i’d like to achieve, and every morning when I wake up I look at it and it sets a positive intention for my day. ¬†I think it’s a wonderful idea to have something out on display that brings nothing but positive thoughts to you when you look at it. ¬†Same applies with anything you may have out already, if it brings you any negative emotions or bad memories then get rid of it – your home should be a positive space and bring you comfort.

4. Be grateful

With social media, pop culture and the standards we set for ourselves, it can be easy to get trapped in an “I wish” frame of mind. ¬†I think it’s really important to be mindful and not focus on the “I wish I had this” or “I wish I looked¬†like her/him” or “I wish I had what she/he¬†has”. ¬†Instead of beating yourself up and creating these negative perceptions, focus on the things you DO feel you have. ¬†Be grateful for what you have and you will start to notice other things turn into positive elements in¬†your life. ¬†What you think and feel is what you send out into the universe, and this is what you will attract back- think of this as positive affirmations. ¬†Sure sometimes we are unlucky and bad things happen, but it could just be an unfortunate circumstance or a bad day not a bad “life”. ¬†I try really hard not to dwell on anything negative that occurs. ¬†For example, in the last week I had two tires on my new car go flat because of unavoidable potholes in the road. ¬†I was upset at first because it cost me a lot to get two new tires 1 week apart, but in the end I told myself being upset will help nothing. ¬†It happened and I needed two new tires. ¬†Being upset over that would only cause me more stress and make me anxious. ¬†Instead I told myself “It could always be worse, and at least I was not hurt when the tire went flat on two separate occasions.” ¬†I did not get into an accident or harm anyone else either. ¬†In my opinion there is always a positive side to things, you just have to have an open mind and push yourself to see it.

5. Appreciate nature

I know going for a hike is not everyone’s idea of a fun time. ¬†But you don’t have to do intense outside activities to enjoy nature. ¬†The earth is our element known for its strength, wisdom and growth. ¬†I know not all of you believe in things like this like I do, but I encourage you to try to see it that way. ¬†If you can’t then simply appreciate it for what it is. ¬†One of my favourite things to do is go for a walk down by the river and take a blanket with me. ¬†I love to sit there and listen to the water and take in the sunshine. ¬†Breathing in fresh air brings a certain calmness to a chaotic day or week. ¬†Even if you don’t like spending time outside, I would even suggest just sitting out on your front steps and letting the rays of sunshine soak in.

Opal Frame

Some of these suggestions might seem clich√© or perhaps even silly (e.g. my morning tea ritual lol). ¬†But I can assure you that you don’t need BIG things to make a change or to feel good on the inside. ¬†Sometimes it’s all of the little things that add up and make us happier. ¬†We live in a world where physical items and grand gestures are viewed as important so that we can capture it and post it on social media. ¬†So I encourage you to embrace and notice the little things and see if it brings you more happiness. ¬†I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, if you have some tips on how to feel beautiful on the inside please write them below!

Namaste xo


VIIcode- Oxygen Eye Mask Review

Dark circles? Tired eyes? Fine lines? New York  company VIIcode has a wonderful Oxygen Eye Mask product that can help with all of these things!  Face masks are one of my favourite things, so I was really intrigued and excited to try out these eye masks.  Before we dive in, I would  like to thank VIIcode for sending me their product.


I have always been one to take care of my skin, however, since turning 25¬†(no, I’m not calling myself “old”) I am¬†really interested in how our skin changes with age and really ensure to choose¬†the¬†products I put on it wisely.¬† Our under eye area is so delicate and I am very careful with my makeup application in this area, and I also use a daily night repair eye cream.

VIIcode has created masks specifically for the under eye area.¬† According to the packaging “We want your eye skin to be the best it can be from the inside out. VIIcode oxygen eye mask provide everything your eye skin needs to be healthy- all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids. Say goodbye to tired eyes, dark circles, and fine lines- now you can always look refreshed, bright-eyed and lively… Cool gel conform to the shape around the eye, infiltrating the entire area in soothing botanical extracts.” Doesn’t that sound awesome??

Not only does this sound great, but the product actually delivers what is promised.  For a course of treatment you must use 3 boxes, and you apply an eye mask 2 or 3 times a week.  The eye mask has a gel-like material, and upon application you can feel a cooling sensation.  You then leave the mask on for up to 8 hours (no more).  This is an overnight treatment which makes it different from other sheet masks on the market.  Also, the more treatments you do (i.e. continued use) the better your results.

I have used the eye mask overnight and also during the day.¬† If I know I have a busy day and won’t be at home I wear it overnight.¬† If I know I will be having a relaxed day staying in then I have used it during the day while I am awake.¬† Either way the product is extremely convenient and easy to use.¬† You just peel off the plastic barrier and apply on cleansed skin- it’s so simple!

Here I am wearing the masks:

Here is a shot of the product up close, the side with the plastic is the piece you peel off and this side goes on the skin:

After doing the full treatment I¬†can say that this has made my under eye area look brighter and more awake, which¬†I am told as we get older¬†products that provide this result¬†give you a more youthful appearance.¬†¬†My skin is also a lot more hydrated, and this is the best for your concealer/makeup application.¬† Unfortunately I can‚Äôt speak so much to the effect on dark circles as I don‚Äôt really have dark circles, however, it has really helped brighten and hydrate my skin, so I imagine the brightening effect would help with dark circles too.¬† My favourite part is that my¬†concealer blends in so well and because the hydration diminishes¬†the look of fine lines the concealer doesn’t sit in there and show up.¬† I am so happy with the results!

You can purchase an individual box for $58.00 here or a full course treatment (3 box set) for $174.00 here.

For additional information on how the product works click here.

You can shop their products here: