BECCA- Shimmering Skin Perfector Review

Happy Friday! What better way to kick off Friday then by talking about highlighter- am I right??? Today i’m talking about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Vanilla Quartz!

The packaging is gorgeous, i’m loving the metalic vibes.

I need to start off by saying FORMULA. The formula of these is so great. It’s a lightweight powder, doesn’t have any kick-back (powder residue) and provides a beautiful sheen to the skin. The formula of these is a blend of pigments and liquids, which gives for a buttery texture.  The other thing I love about the formula is that it doesn’t get cakey, it layers very well. You are left with a smooth looking highlight without any texture.

Sephora describes the Vanilla Quartz shade as “creamy, light gold shade with pink pearl”

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how cute the design the product has? It’s one of those products that’s so pretty I don’t even want to use it and ruin the gorgeous stamp.

I am so impressed with how the product applies and the sheen it gives to the skin. It doesn’t go on heavy and it’s buildable without looking cakey.  You can pick one up at Sephora for C$46.00. I know it’s pricey but I can tell you it’s so worth it! You can use this to highlight your face, or you can also use it as a brow bone highlight and eyeshadow all over the lid. 

Milani- Luminoso Baked Blush Review

So far this week i’ve talked a lot about skincare and how to get that initial glow by starting with the skin.¬† Today i’m reviewing a blush that can help add some extra glow ūüėČ

I’m sure you’ve heard of the drugstore brand¬†Milani and if you are a beauty enthusiast like I am, i’m sure you have seen their Baked Blushes reviewed all over YouTube and social media.¬† Today I am reviewing their most popular/talked about shade “Luminoso“.


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Guerlain- Terracotta Light Healthy Glow Radiance Powder Review

Looking for a warm healthy glow without harming your skin?  YES, PLEASE.  Guerlain is so well-known for their Terracotta Bronzer, and they have done it again by releasing the Terracotta Light Healthy Glow Radiance Powder.  I received this in my gift bag from the Dave Lackie Cityline event a week and a bit ago and I have not stopped using it since.

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Maybelline- Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter Review

Amazing drugstore product alert!!  This highlighter is to-die-for.  One of the most fun things to post about in the beauty community are products that give high-end results but are actually from drugstore brands and have the drugstore price point.  The Maybelline Face Studio Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in Molten Gold does exactly this!


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Guerlain- Météorites Baby Glow Touch Review

Strobing alert!¬† I am looooving the Guerlain¬†M√©t√©orites Baby Glow Touch in shade Golden Glow.¬† I was very fortunate to receive this product at Dave Lackie’s Guerlain dinner last month, and I have been reaching for it every single time I do my makeup since receiving it!¬† Thanks so much to Dave Lackie and Guerlain for this product.¬† If you haven’t seen my recap of the event, you can click here to read it.


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Guerlain- VIP Dave Lackie Dinner Event

Happy Saturday beauties!¬† So excited to be bringing you this recap of the Dave Lackie VIP Dinner for Guerlain #GuerlainLover I got to attend last week.¬† First of all I am still in shock I got to attend this event for one of the most iconic brands, I am seriously still in the “someone pinch me” state!¬† The venue was absolutely GORGEOUS, I have been to the Arcadian Court before, but this time it was absolutely magical.¬† Dave, his team and Guerlain really did an amazing job and this venue was beautifully decorated.¬† Upon arrival I could see the Guerlain products on display and the ambiance of the room was so mesmerizing I fell in love instantly.



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IT Cosmetics- Airbrush Silk HD Anti-Aging Illuminizer Review

Hello beauties!¬† I know what you’re thinking “another highlighter review?” the answer is yes, but to be honest you can never have too many highlighters.¬† I think we can all agree to that!

Today’s feature is the¬†IT Cosmetics Airbrush Silk HD Anti-Aging¬†Illuminizer.¬†¬† The formula is absolutely amazing.¬† I have also used their Bye Bye Pores powder (review coming on this soon) and I am such a fan.


This powder is made to be used on the highest points of the face.  This technique of highlighting/bringing forward goes alongside contouring which is the opposite effect to deepen/push back.  Using a highlighter such as this one makes your features pop, you can apply this to the following areas:

  • Centre of the forehead
  • Top-side of cheekbones
  • Brow bone
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Cupids bow (if you haven’t tried this I highly suggest it, it makes your lips appear fuller)

This powder is extremely fine and light.¬† It goes on smoothly and doesn’t look cakey.¬†¬† This formula is also anti-aging, so it doesn’t settle into fine lines.¬† It blurs away the look of pores and imperfections.

Even better this product is formulated WITHOUT:

  • Talc
  • Parabens
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Mineral oil
  • Petrolatum
  • Synthetic fragrances and Phthalates

You can see how fine the powder is in this shot:

Here is a swatch:

How gorgeous is this sheen?¬† It catches the light so beautifully, it gives a very natural glow.¬† I find when I have this on it doesn’t look like makeup, it really looks natural, and anything that looks natural is a winner in my books!

I am really loving this highlighter and I can’t wait to try out more IT Cosmetics products.¬† You can purchase this for $24.00 here on their website.

Have you tried any IT Cosmetics products? What is your favourite??


Bobbi Brown- Illuminate Pencil and Bronzer Review

Bobbi Brown has been my favourite makeup brand for the longest time.  Not only because the products are phenomenal, but because Bobbi herself is such an inspiration.  She seems so genuinely kind, and her company philosophies are touching.  I love when a brand not only has great products, but they have a mission and vision that encourages women to embrace their natural beauty, and makes them feel beautiful in their own unique way.

Many of my holy-grail makeup products are by Bobbi Brown.  Today I will share two of my favourites, but if you love Bobbi Brown, or you are curious about her products, stay tuned on my blog because there will be more to come!


With the recent “strobing” trend, I figured doing a post on a highlighter is in order. ¬†I will also post about my all time favourite bronzer, of course by Bobbi Brown.


Retouching Face Pencil- Shade: Illuminate 1

I have a few compact/powder highlighters, but what I love about Bobbi Browns’ is how easy it is to use in this pencil form, how precise it allows the application to be, and of course the effect.


How gorgeous is this?? It also comes with a sharpener- love it!

I love the finish this highlighter gives. ¬†The colour is a peach/cream shade, but it is more focused on the shimmer. ¬†Out of all the highlighters I have used, this one works best, and I think it’s also because the pencil allows for a precise application. ¬†Therefore, you can concentrate it exactly where you want it. ¬†It sparkles so beautifully in the light. ¬†I love using it on my cheekbones, tear-duct and cupids bow. ¬†I don’t do nose contouring, but I imagine the pencil would allow you to make a nice straight line application for your highlight.

Here is a closer look:

I think this pencil idea is great. ¬†I can easily pop this in my purse and I don’t need to bring brushes or anything in addition to this around with me. ¬†Yes, you can easily pack a compact powder highlighter, but the problem is if you don’t pack a brush you have to use your fingers to apply it, and if you’re like me there’s no WAY i’m using my fingers on the compact unless I have just washed my hands, which isn’t always an option when you are out and about. ¬†The pencil form is great, pop the cap off, apply and you’re good to go! ¬†I purchased this at Sephora for C$37.00, you can view it here.


Bronzing Powder- Shade: Natural 1

I can’t tell you enough how much I love the finish of this bronzer. ¬†It goes on so easily, and doesn’t create harsh lines- it is super blendable. ¬†It really gives off the effect of a real tan, because the colour payoff is very rich in brown and red. ¬†I have even used this on my cheeks as a blush, because of the red tones in it, it dupes as a blush as well. ¬†I am in LOVE with this, it is my #1 bronzer in my collection. ¬†This bronzer also has no scent to it, so if you aren’t a scent fan you will love this. ¬† I know there are other brands that have made their bronzers smell like chocolate or other things, and some people really don’t like that- so you are safe with this Bobbi Brown bronzer.

This has a matte finish, but it does not go on chalky at all; it is very soft.  I would compare the effect it gives to that of a cream product.  I purchased this at Sephora for C$49.00, you can view it here.

Bobbi Brown products are phenomenal, and I highly suggest you give any of her products a try.  I have never been disappointed.  As I mentioned above, if you like supporting brands with a great mission and vision, and that value women in their natural beauty state- Bobbi Brown is all of this and more.  I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes by her:

The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are. РBobbi Brown