Tangle Teezer- The Original & Blow-Styling Hairbrush Review

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In my last post about the Cityline taping I was fortunate enough to get to attend, the gift bag I received was filled with so many new products that I could not wait to try.  Two Tangle Teezer brushes were a part of this amazing gift bag, The Original Detangling Hairbrush and Blow-Styling Hairbrush!  The Tangle Teezer has been a hot topic in the beauty world, and I could not wait to try it.  It has won 12 awards,and after using it I now see why!

Pictured below are both brushes:



The Original Detangling Hairbrush:

I love the purple and pink colours of this brush; this colour combo is called Plum Delicious.  The brush is also available in 4 other colours/combinations, you can see them here.  Seeing as I have hair that is on the finer side, I am always looking for new brushes and teasing combs that provide lift and volume when used. The Original Detangling Brush was SO easy for me to use when my hair was wet or dry.  I often find after a shower (even sometimes when I have used conditioner) my hair is in knots at the roots due to backcombing.  This brush glides effortlessly through my hair and it barely pulls ANY hair out- it is absolutely great.  On top of this, it gives me more volume at the roots before I even blow-dry my hair, because the teeth make it easy to lift the hair up, and brush through every strand at the roots.

Blow-Styling Hairbrush:

The Blow-Styling Hairbrush I received is the “half paddle” brush (also comes in full paddle) designed for short to medium hair.  If you have medium to long hair length, you know the pain of how long it can take to blow-dry your hair.  If you have thicker texture it can take even longer.  Although my hair is on the finer side, it does take a while to blow-dry.  This brush is designed for quick drying, the packaging states “Quick drying. Teeth rapidly extract surface water from the hair shaft.” This is definitely the case; I was able to dry my entire head in about 5 minutes compared to a drying time of 10-15 minutes with the brush I was using before.  The teeth on the Blow-Styling Hairbrush are long compared to most brushes, so when using it for the first few times it may take some getting used to, to learn how to maneuver the brush.  After a few uses, I was able to use the brush so that the longer length teeth made it so easy for me to lift my hair at the roots in order to blow dry it on an angle to achieve volume.

Both of these brushes worked so well for me.  They really do deliver the promise of detangling without pain.  The Original Detangling Brush can be used on wet or dry hair, making it versatile, which makes it a winner for me.  The Blow-Styling Hairbrush almost cut my regular blow-drying time in half, and it left my hair looking smooth.  My favourite part was the amount of control I have at the root with the longer teeth, this helped me gain volume.  Another added plus is that you can use both of these brushes for backcombing, achieving volume in a matter of seconds.

You can find The Original Detangling Hairbrush online on the official Tangle Teezer website.  You can also purchase it here in Canada at Sally Beauty Supply for C$20.00 in stores, or on their website here for C$14.99 or C$13.99 if you are a Beauty Club member.  The Blow-Styling Hairbrush is available on the official Tangle Teezer site here and they ship worldwide.  The brush retails for £18.00, which is roughly C$28.45.  Interested in other Tangle Teezer products? Check out their website.

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